Perspectives of my first day of thirties

Last months I’ve been thinking about how would I feel when I reach 30 and knowing that I’m not anymore a twenty-something girl. On my first day of thirties; guess how I feel? Well.. Exactly the same.

Finally, last night I found the answer and it’s that nothing change if you don’t change. Almost every change in life is a soft process that will make you better or worse in some way. However, it is true that now I have a feeling that makes me feel more complete, more real. That feeling I can state in the following premises:

– I’m not young, but I’m definitely not old. I have reached the point which every kid wants to reach: being an adult and work on what I love.
– There is not time for later… Twenties were for seeding, now I’m starting to harvest. There was a reason behind why I studied so much, worked on different projects and keep learning by every step. Now, I need to make the seeding- harvesting process a habit.
– It is allowed to make mistakes. This upcoming decade is about falling and standing up. Everybody will face the question if we took the right choice, but when that will happen to me I want to remember that it’s normal. That just mean that I tried and nobody would have to power to stop me if I want to start again.
– I keep building my future. The same way that our physical appearance depends on how well be took care of ourselves on our twenties; now we will be talking about more serious stuff: like our economic stability and future generations.
– I don’t need anyone permission and it’s not required to be liked by everybody. I think I overcome the stage where I wanted everybody to like me and searched for reasons to do what I love. At least, now I know better myself than ten years ago and I can totally understand that everybody is the only responsible of his own life (even when everybody seems to be an expert regarding the chooses you make!)
– Who wants to be in your life will stay; and who don’t, is making you a big favor keeping his distance. Years (and geographical distance sometimes in my case) served as a filter to learn that sometimes a goodbye is necessary in order to appreciate more those who stay and continue besides you.
– Not every goodbye is forever. Well, actually almost nothing is forever. So we need to understand that there are life cycles, everything has a moment and we need to respect each other’s decisions. Spaces are required in order to create a most beautiful song.
– We can definitely have everything, but not at the same time. That’s the reason why we should never take anything for granted and we need to be grateful for what we have now.
– I have big wings. It’s in my nature… More than just a stage of life. And I’m happy like that! There are people with roots and others with wings… And both complement each other.

So this new decade, I want to start being grateful for the decisions and mistakes I made during my twenties and will be doing some things I’ve always dreamed, like finally writing my book. Wanna keep traveling and working at an international level, if God allows me. I think I will build a new home and have kids (someday, definitely not tomorrow jajajaja I still don’t see myself as that) but mostly, I will continue believing that the most important thing in life is being happy. If you are not happy, anything makes sense.

Also I want to repeat the most important lesson my twenties taught me:

Receive, be grateful and let it go

Then we would be light on this road called life.

Welcome thirties!


This is how 30’s taste!
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One thought on “This is how 30’s taste!

  • January 12, 2015 at 5:36 am

    So proud of you!!! Very well put. You soar well with your wings ! Much Love.


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