A traveler is somebody who lives in a permanent state of nostalgia.
A traveler is somebody who dared to walk on a road that not everybody dares to walk, but everybody knows perfectly how to walk it.
A traveler is a brave who knows how to give his heart; even he knows it will be broken… And actually he is so crazy that this is what he wants… A broken heart so he can leave a piece of his heart in every part of the world he has been… Because it is the only way that a piece of him can remain there…
A traveler is somebody used to live with ghosts, somebody who has met more than thousand souls in his search of happiness and has touched more than thousand lives leaving a fingerprint… Unforgettable… And “non-returnable”…
A traveler become simple, doesn’t understand how people take job so personal to the point that become incapable to accept change, new things or different points of views.. And becomes this “incomprehensible weird”
A traveler has a bigger perspective, is used to thank with a smile, knowing that a smile is one of the three universal languages, besides love and music.
A traveler breaks his paradigms, becomes pragmatic… Always trying to get the two or three sides of every story.
A traveler can be a better financier, because he understand the value of savings and a good budget.
A traveler becomes organized, because he knows that in any moment he will have to (and be aching to) take his things and fly again, so he really needs to know where his things are.
A traveler is a free soul… An angel without wings, but used to travel… A human who values more dignity than pride or power.
A traveler knows that money is a way, not a purpose… So he will accumulate experiences that will be gold for his grandchild, but stones for those who are used to routine.
A traveler is the one who makes possible world peace, by being an Ambassador -without diplomatic title- representing his nation and representing every place where his soul has been caught. Through his actions, he is building bridges to join nations and create a cultural understanding.
A traveler will always be different, but not less (ik ben anders, niet minder!) and would always be willing to take the risk of being called weird.
But… How would be this world without the authenticity’s beauty of every human being?
I think I am beautifully destined to be a traveler… ✈️

Different, not less… Photography of a wanderlust soul
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