Books don´t arrive by chance. This came to me, after 3 attempts.

Books don´t mean the same for everyone. The writer “gives voice to her spirits” and ours connect with them through their words, deciphering the messages we need at that specific moment.

This book show us the life of two women; mother and daughter. While one becomes a spirit again, the other accompanies her making an analysis of her own life. In doing so, she realizes that at the end of every transition what remains is love. She notes also the empty spaces left by each evolution. That empty space in which the whole can manifest itself … that empty space that becomes freedom and is necessary for love to exist.


I am not a mother yet, but I have one that with her love through distance shows me that she is willing to be by my side in each transition of my life <3.

From this book I´ll keep:

  • The beauty of transitions; As serious as those of life and death … or everyday as those of love and friendship.
  • The latent message that souls are roaming around. We just need to be aware of their presence, listen to their signals and feel their love.

It is obvious with my post, that Paula’s life has illuminated one more life.


  • “I do not have much to lose anymore, nothing to defend, will this be freedom?” – pg. 289
  • “It occurs to me that we grandmothers play the role of protective witches, we must watch over younger women, children, the community and also, why not, for this battered planet, victim of so many violations. A broom and dance with other pagan witches in the forest in the light of the moon, invoking the forces of the earth and driving away demons, I want to become a wise old woman, learn old enchantments and secrets of healer. Sorceresses, like the saints, are solitary stars that shine with their own light, they do not depend on anything or anyone, that’s why they lack fear and can go blind to the abyss with the certainty that instead of crashing they will fly away. to see the world from above or in worms to see it from within, they can inhabit other dimensions and travel to other galaxies, they are navigators in an infinite ocean of consciousness and knowledge “– pg.289
  • “… I was left alone in the house, I opened doors and windows so that the wind and the water could come in and sweep and wash the past, and I started dancing and turning like a mad dervish crying with sadness for all that was lost and laughing. relief for all that was gained, while outside they sang crickets and toads and inside the torrent of rain ran on the ground and the gale dragged dead leaves and bird feathers in a whirlwind of farewells and freedom “– pg. 328
  • “Maybe we are in the world to look for love, find it and lose it, again and again, with each love we are born again and with each love that ends a wound is opened to us, I am full of proud scars” pg. 346


Book 1-2018

Title: Paula

Author: Isabel Allende

Publisher: Hurope, S.L

Edition: 6th, 1995.


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